Sunday, February 15, 2015

Moving on and moving in

We've lived in our house for 6 months. We celebrated our first Indonesian Christmas and New Years Day here. And we've had a lot of company in and out of our doors.

Now we've asked the leasing agent if he can get the money back for the remaining lease. We rented a big place but have been able to live only in a portion. The house still leaks and bugs continue to eat away kitchen cabinets and support beams. The landlord sent a handyman over last week to put sheet metal roofing over the worst leaks in one wing. That should minimize the floods; we've pushed pools out of the back hall during every tropical downpour.

The building inspectors said this place will not last: the roof must be completely rebuilt. Repairs are temporary. We paid someone to rebuild the back porch roof, ceiling, and gutters when they were overflowing and falling down. We are not willing to pay to redo the entire roof! especially since we didn't realize when we signed that we'd be paying a premium amount of rent.

Rain spills over the ruined roofs
The lease agreement holds the landlord responsible for major repairs. By law, he must extend the lease by the amount of time the home has not been habitable. We've had to take the cabinet doors off in the kitchen (mold and termites) and cover our suitcases, Christmas items, and other storage with tarps in the leaking garage, keeping the termite frass off as best as possible. After 6 months, at least half of the house is still not habitable. But the lasting agent says it's unlikely that the landlord will fulfill the contract.

Backyard blues: stepping around building supplies
and construction litter for 6 months
Therefore, at the end of the month, we're moving to a house that is structurally sound. The same inspectors looked at the new place and said it was safe. It needs painting, lights replaced, and showers installed at open faucets. We're tired after fixing the current place up - and don't look forward to doing it again. But it's time to find a home we can live in for a few years.

Beautiful Bandung!
We have fallen in love with Bandung and its people. In particular, we respect and enjoy our neighbors so we are thrilled to be staying in the same neighborhood.

What do you love about your city?

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