Friday, February 28, 2014

"Is it dangerous?" and other questions

The official city website makes Bandung look like a great place to explore. We're sure looking forward to it! Depending who you talk to, the population seems comparable to that of Washington  state and N. Idaho, crammed between active volcanos.

One of the questions we get asked often: "Is it dangerous in Bandung?" Honestly, we don't know. Lots of people live there and do fine, year after year.

Some things will be different than Seattle, like the frequency of earthquakes. Check out the current quake monitor here. We expect that the ground will move under our feet a lot.

Gedung Sate
Want a few more interesting facts about life in Bandung? The International Relation Office caters to university students, and these lines made me laugh: "As in other parts of Indonesia, it is almost always sunny in Bandung, except during the wet season (September - April) Umbrellas and light jackets are recommended during that season. Sweaters may also be needed in the early morning or evening." Wait - isn't September through April most of the year? So it rains a lot.

Want to compare the cost of living with where you are? Here's a fun website with that info.

We're planning to learn Bahasa Indonesia at IMLAC. Here's a video about the area and the school.

Don't you feel like you have enough homework, exploring all those links? Have fun.