Sunday, March 30, 2014

The new taste of home ... just 3 months away

Chimichurri Tender and Lasagna at
Bisou, Bandung. (Photo by Icha Rahmanti).
We're getting excited about moving to Indonesia. We're going to language school in the fall, learning how others think by wrapping our brains around their words.

Two years ago, after writing my dissertation, there was too little brain left to remember another language. Recently, I've begun to enjoy picking out words from BBC Indonesia and reading news from the Jakarta Post.

Indonesia's population is the fourth-largest in the world. Rankings of countries by number of people: China, India, USA, ... then Indonesia. So why don't we read more news from there?

We're looking forward to the food. We love trying new dishes, whether local or locally-prepared global foods. For a taste of what's ahead for us, check out this "Hidden Eateries" page and the "Top 5 Chinese Restaurants" page. Could anyone think they wouldn't like to come along for dinner? (Think of what you'd miss!)