Saturday, May 3, 2014

Those "last times"

In the last few months, we've done a lot of "last things." Our goodbyes are bittersweet; we can only be grateful for the family, friends, and comforts we've enjoyed to date. We're thankful for:

  • great relationships. Those include our families: we like the people we grew up with. How rare is that? We'll miss our accountability groups, the Thursday night group, our ministry peers who hang in during opportunities and challenges, and all the guests who have come through our doors during our 30 years in Seattle.
  • satisfying work. W taught his final in-person NU class on Friday, after teaching courses there for 57 semesters. He played his accordion as a final "Bad Music Friday," to the cheers of his students. I've enjoyed mentoring, connecting, teaching, and writing among peers. We've loved meeting with churches and individuals who are our prayer partners and supporters.
  • professional meetings with peers. We said goodbye to hundreds of people at our final annual conference this week, in Vancouver WA. Some of them we'll never see again. They encouraged us to be wholehearted about going to Indonesia. W will miss his Friday and Saturday coffee meetings; I'll miss my Thursday peers and my writers' critique group. 
  • the "friends of Indonesia" who are helping us prepare. They've given us advice and assistance with vaccines, visas, and what to pack. They're helping us prepare by talking about location, weather, and resources. And they're encouraging us with their love for the people of Indonesia.
  • beautiful surroundings. This year in the remodeled basement has been a pleasure. Whenever we leave our "just enough" apartment, we walk alongside the woods behind the house. What a treat to see the seasons transform the forest, just as this last year is transforming us.

The list could be much longer. But mentioning even these few things make me happy. We are truly blessed. Truly glad for God's calling and the transition process that is separating us from the familiar can pulling us into the unknown future.

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